Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gwenny's House (Chris might live there)

I don't know if I have shared this before but Im a little bit in love with Chris Martin from Coldplay.
I think he is somewhat beautiful!
I ever found myself a single gal again I might hunt him down.Just saying.
Thats not really the point of this post, it is however to show you Gwen and Chris, plus their two kiddies Apple and Moses (sigh, I love their baby names!) new pad in Tribeca NYC.
I have to say that while I think its STUNNING! this decor would last about 1.8 seconds with my boys and Im not sure my husband would dig the oh so girly decor.
It wreeks of Gwenneth and while I do love her aswell, I wouldnt have minded seeing a bit more of an edge to the style of their apartment. When I showed my husband Chris and Gwen's bedroom he said
"thats because he never sleeps their".. interesting, maybe Im in with a chance.hehe.
I do love the swing lounge and have always thought one of them would be great until my 3 kids started hammering it against my Chalk USA dulux walls, so maybe not.. but still cool.
Apples room is delightful.. but needs a bit more of, well, Apple in it.
I would have loved to see a picture of Moses's room.. but Im sure its probably white or peach.
All the lighting gets a big thumbs up from me.... love it!
My favorite bit is the built in lilac dining booth, beautiful, love it... again though, do her kids eat here?
I can only imagine my kids shuffling their bums (as cute as they are) in and out of that booth every day after vegemite on toast.

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