Sunday, April 10, 2011

little flash back

I would eat him if it were legal

they all look a bit feral here, but it cracks me up

they were both sick here, so cute

I love my family, and I love making them a family home...
I have just been going through old pictures and sorting them into years.. the years whisp by dont they.
LOVE them.. just sharing the cuteness

Hold the phone

So in 3 weeks time I have a HUGE wedding, my biggest one yet. Its going to be GLORIOUS.
Kissing Booth, More ribbons that you can dream about, detail like no other wedding I have ever seen, even not the internets.. yup!

On the same day, our old home is going under the hammer.. so I have been working my butt off getting that house on the market, hopefully someone makes an offer before hand. Its been fairly painless because we are not living in the house, we haven't been for 5 months or longer so that does make me a little more relaxed.

Also, we are still on the farm quest ....  which brings me to the point of this post.
Our life is in a little bit of limbo at the moment.

Our home is all in boxes, not knowing where they are going, and its unsettling and  I don't like that at all.
I'm not enjoying the house we are living in, way to small for 5 people, 3 of them being robust boys.
But I know that we will find something very very soon, I can feel it, in fact we have found about 4 properties now that all would be great, but making the final push hasn't come yet.

Anyway - I think this blog will turn into a blog about our new life as farmers.. well I hope it will.

When I say farmers, I mean just for us, not on a commercial scale just to keep us as self sufficient as we can.
I hope to be able to share much more of my beautiful boys growing up at a rapid rate, and also to be able to share my journey re-decorating whatever the new home will be (notice I didn't say renovating, I'm never doing that again) but just putting our touch on a place, and learning the ropes of self sufficiency.

At the moment life feels a bit like when you are on the phone to telstra or the ato and your listening to hold music, you cant take a shower, go for a walk you even debate munching on a cookie because you think in the first bite someone will come to your aid and you wont be able to converse with them.. this is how I feel, in a permanent state of  'on hold' ... so that's where I'm putting this blog until the day I have news to share about the new house, then a new journey will begin and I plan to blog it as a diary ...

thanks for those who still stop by for a read ...
one day when regular blogging commences it will be worth your while (I hope)