Thursday, August 19, 2010

This post over at Soule Mama is sooo much how I feel, so easy to blog about little people, harder as they become more complex and in a way private, I feel funny sometimes posting about Billy's development.. he is such an amazing young man, but in a way its his story now, I feel like its his to tell... so I step back from sharing about him...

I was only talking about this with him the other night, how he felt about me talking about his Autism, talking about his ups and downs with people, it was an interesting conversation, that ended with
"ma, you should do your hair like that more often, it suits you"
He is so genuine, so sweet and so grown up beyond what I sometimes realise, in fact he might just be the most mature person I know.. I still get blown away when he walks in the door after school everyday, with his height, he is now 5 inches taller than me.
The journey with Oscar is similar, slow and steadily travelling toward manhood.. its overwhelming, I want time to freeze, at the same time as enjoying every moment, every new realisation they come to as hey get older and have more life experience.

Parenting baby's and toddlers for me has been a piece of cake, I can say I have loved every single moment, with the older boy its a whole entirely different experience, its wonderful, magical but its in a way a conflict of interest for a Mamma, you want to baby your babies, right? but there not babes anymore, you have to let go and some how hope that they develop to be their true selves, not hindered by my hope and dreams or my dear husbands wishes and aspirations for them.. after all we just want them to be loved and feel love and with everything in them and us allow us to love them.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Are blissful, yummy and if you put 30 in front of me.. I will eat them all.. I promise I do.

Archie and I made the ones that martha makes.. yeah, I know from my lovely regular shapes you could tell that..haha!! so easy to make and pretty damn delish.
The only thing is the getting them all perfect.
Im making another batch tomorrow so that I can perfect their flatness and their frilly feet.

a pink batch.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


‎15yrs ago today my Opa died, he taught me so much.
1.girls don’t wear pants, they just don’t
2.Tom Jones rules
3.Never trust a man in white linen pants (even if he's your father)
3.5 Always trust a man who combs his hair with kerosene (he never went gray or lost his hair!!!)
4.Live life with joy & faith and a smile
5.Your family is your luckiest asset + much more
he taught me the bliss of throwing a party, dancing, singing and prayer.
♥ you Opa

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pretty, Pretty

Im hosting a Girls Night In in October to raise money for womens cancers and I thought Id put it out there in case any of you were thinking it would be fun to have one to.
Mine is just very small group of my BFF's pretty in pink to start with and probably not so pretty by 3am.
Anyway - I dont get to do many pink dinners being surrounded by boys and men... so Im looking forward to wearing some pink and making some pretty.
details here