Tuesday, June 29, 2010

stuff I have been doing


Its the same ol' song.... bad blogger.... MIA again...

Truth is I havent been inspired much lately to blog about housey stuff.
This is because Im in housey limbo.... which really isnt a nice place for me to be.

But..... after over 6 months of daily house hunting.. we have found a house...
Offer in... waiting to hear back from the owners who are overseas and told the agent they may take 2 weeks!! GREAT!
Im taking this as a sign, furniture is placed in my head - I have even been choosing wallpaper and paint finishes, Im sure this is more to do with me being a Gemini that me having some decorating mental illness.. right??

The good news is people, if you are still out there...
Im feeling VERY inspired..
The new house (lets just pretend for a second its already mine)
Is pretty much everything I had dreamed about, expect the kitchen, is a brand new kitchen but not my flavour so Im not going to bitch about it, I will enjoy it, its got everything I need.. It just doesnt fill my white kitchen obsession... "things can be changed" said my long suffereing husband and I agreed.

So... bloggy feelin's are back and flooding with ideas.... lets hope it sticks cos truth is i have missed my little nesty blog...

Thanks for still checking to see if Im alive... xxoo

::: update ::: house aint mine.. still looking 26/9/10