Monday, January 3, 2011


The year my blog broke :)

Shall we call it that, wow, what a year!
Honestly the best year we have had in a long time.

Things I will always remember when I think 2010 are that it was Billy's first year in highschool.
I was so worried I was actually sick about him going to highschool, we had a pretty rough time all the way through primary school.. this year I was expecting to be the worst ever.. lesson one 2010 gave me,
never expect the worst! He had a the best year, I could go on about it for ever, he loves his school and whats more important his school loves him back! that is enough to make my year the best ever.. he is also 3 inches taller than me and wears a size 11 shoe.. blink.. thats what one year can do to a teenager!

But then I also have been so lucky in my own life away from being a mum and wife, my work is really taking off at a speed I had never even thought of, my 5 year plan has fallen into place in just over a year.. I have to pinch my self.. and I do. The wonderful thing that has come out of it all is the women I have met.. some I new already but we have become close and they are so special to me.

Im the sort of girl who likes boys, more male friends than girlfriends, girls can be annoying.. or so I thought, but the past 2 years my firendships with my female friends have become my oxygen, I love them dearly I could not live with out them, they inspire me, make me laugh and make me happy. really happy.

MV as always is the best husband ever. love him so much. He has my heart!

Oscar is also his sweet gentle self 2010 has seen him settle more into his onw person, muso/wildlife warrior he is Bear Grylls with a Cobain chaser, he rocks, I currently am housing about 100 tadpoles a frog and crickets.. yup.. sort of why I think little girls would be easier.

Archie, my little old man turned 4 :( started pre-entry to kindy, so in a few short weeks he will be gone 4 mornings a week.. BREATHE.. Im not even thinking about it until the day before.. this kid is the bomb!

2011 will bring so much for me/us we are still looking for the perfect home.. so frustrating, it wont happen over night, but it will happen, hopefully before I put my head though the laptop screen on
we are fussy. and even if we were not fussy finding a 5 bedroom house with the type of property we want is not easy. ahhhh!! has some things that Im busting to tell the world about happening in the first 3 months of the year, I cant sleep thinking about what is happening, In my wildest dreams I couldnt have thought I would be doing all this.. also some amazing weddings and events so excited for them to come around.
They are really beautiful and I hope to keep doing better and better.

even if I never want to see another dessert table again..(shh I didnt say that)

New Years resloutions.. yeah I make them, I try to keep them, its a way of staying focused.. even if I

1. to be more in the zone of 'my body is my temple'
2. to love my family and freinds even more and tell them about it more
3. to me a better mamma and wife
4. new house, new house, new house (and it would be great if I could have a goat, his name will be Gilbert and he will be my friend)
5. stay focused on my vision (which is very clear) for White Room and enjoy the ride
6. Enjoy the ride
and as the ladies of 'The View' say.. Enjoy the View!
Hopefully I had something and some time to blog.. I miss blogging. alot.

I have the best feelings about 2011.
Thanks so much 2010, youve been sweeter than honey to us xo