Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Sun .. it actually came out

This week brings the start of the school holidays, we went to the zoo.. I love the zoo.. but it gives me mixed feelings.. surely daddy lion needs more room!
Archie and I soaked up the sun with some dinosaurs on the back lawn.
I have been fasting now for 4 days.. which is making me lose weight but also making me a grouchy bum.. ask the kids...
Am I the only person in the world who hates balloons??? accept if there is a balloon launch, they are cool.
the minute my kids get them they fight... its a forgone conclusion that if they have a balloon it will end in tears, well I'm hungry and tears will just frankly irk

At the end of the week I get to cuddle my friends new baby.. a little bit excited about that.
haven't held a new little freshy for a while!

I also have a dear Friend who is about to start preparing for a trip to Bangladesh to build relationships with remote family's and put in place education systems, Im so excited for her, I will post links etc when I get them so you can follow her blog and journey! it will be amazing!

all I have to say is bring on summer, or even a kick ass spring and I will be happy :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hi .... yep.. me again

Ah, the lack of posting.. but I honestly have no idea what to post about.

Do you want me to bore you with details of the house we are planning to build,
because between that, busy life with kids which is just about to get a whole lot busier due to little Archie starting Kindy.. eeek
and being every busy with my work and study I feel so exhausted.
should I post pics of things I have been working on? or will that bore the willys out of you?

here is a 'sweet table' I did for a bridal shower
you can see more on my FB page and more will be on

As far as building, we know what we want, we know what we LOVE and want and need (well not need but think we need) .. now to pull it all together and make it happen..
that is the hard bit, its met with nights .. Loooooong nights full of discussions, over not so fascinating things like 3 or 4 car garages, roller doors, kitchen storage solutions and how to make it uber cool, timeless and functional all at once....... yeah, lots of discussion, for the most part we agree on everything, we have the same taste, I do have to reign in the  'bachlor pad' look every now and then.. but lets face it, I pretty much live in a bachelor pad... ay ay ay.
so... because there ain't much to post I thought I would post some pics of the styles we hope to achieve and maybe get my mojo (as far as bringing it all together) going via blog land..

I missed you all anyway

I did think of shutting this blog down, because Im forever posting about my lack of posting.
but I thought once the house gets underway I will have something to post about,
also Im hoping to add baby #4 to the mix in the next 18months so I would really have something cool to post about then, or rather whine about my daily pregnancy hunger pains and cravings.....
so Im keeping it.. even if its hanging on by a thread at this point.... a thread is better than nothing hey?