Sunday, July 4, 2010

How I spent this morning ...

Im having a party for my mum this year, she will be 60. She doesn't look it at all!!
Anyway - She is credited for giving me a love of colour and a love of vintage and fashion.

She hates parties (not like me at all) so its just going to be a small suprise lunch with her sisters and a few family members and friends.

I have wanted to create a rustic style village lunch tablescape for ages.. the picture in this post has been my screen saver for a while, so I decided this is the perfect occasion.

So, I spent this morning sewing 50 vintage hankies into bunting and it is looking beautiful!
But for now, here is my imspiration picture.. wouldn't you love to jump into this shot and eat and bask in the sunlight.. I would, if this picture had a smell it would be of citrus and crusty bread..
Love, love, love it!

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  1. Ridiculously gorgeous! Just my taste. Love!