Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crush :: Goats (baby ones)

Clearly when I get my goats I will have to do a photoshoot

Im one of those annoying people who gets an idea in my head.. and basically obsesses over it until, well, until it happens... So for about 12 months I have been eating, sleeping, dreaming about getting baby goats..

crazy huh

I have named them.. Gilbert Blythe and Gwyneth.

I also want chickens, but I have had chickens before.. I want to be a real farm girl.. and the goats will be the sign  I made it ... 'farm girl' status! .. I have had special farm girl boots in my wardrobe for the last 2 years.. so clearly you see I have patience :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day + Oscar is 10

After a really sad and dark time in my life, I hoped one day I would be loved and that Billy and I would be okay.. When you lose people you love days are actually dark, it seems like the sun never shines..wired I know, but so true.
Valentine's day when your single especially when you have a child can be pretty miserable.... I remember feeling lonely and lost and pretty sorry for myself..
Maybe because I knew half the free world was being gifted chocolates.. (I'm not even joking)

I had vowed I would never celebrate V'Day again, after all, we should love each other every day.. blah blah blah.... then my path led me to meet MV

a year and a half later

So appropriately on Valentine’s Day, the sweetest of souls Oscar Louie was born, the first thing I noticed about him was his white blonde hair, my own little blob of sunshine!!

1st Birthday

Isnt he like sunshine!!??

For 10 years we have been blessed with him, his dimples his skinny legs his smile his cheeky smile . 10 years of Animals, Bush exploration, Crocodile Hunter, Bondi beach talk, Lizards, Beetles, Bird watching, Football, Cricket, Brilliant taste in music, guitar playing muso, amazing drawings, contagious laughter, 10 whole years..

and still every morning when he wakes up it truly is like the sun has come out to shine... and I wont ever forget what he brought into our lives.

He warms me to the core he mended my heart – Happy 10th Birthday beautiful young man.

May your day today be warmed with the joy of St. Valentine, or Cupids arrow whatever your flavor.

But know you are loved, if one creature in the world loves you no matter how great or small you are loved.
Im throwing love your way to.
Love is BIG, no matter how small.

And that's pretty awesome when you think about it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back To It

Back to school for the big boys

Oscar in year 5.
Billy is year 9.
and that little lump of daily sugar Archie has now started kindy.

First week, didn't go that well, tears, gripping on to his Mamma.. telling me he doesn't like it and wants to stay with me every day f o r e v e r! (of course in my head this is fine with me) but I had to be strong and loosen those proverbial apron strings.. ahhh, so hard to do.
I'm not afraid to say it, I HATE my house when its empty, no little voices asking to be fed or watered or dressed or 'will you play with me' .. don't like it one bit, I have looked forward to the time when Archie started Kindy as i really do need some time other than 1:00am to work, but I don't know... I think I just only know it to have a little person around my feet, drawing and playing Lego while I go about whatever it is that 'stay at home mums' go about.....  so yeah, as I sit in my empty house 4 mornings a week.. four words keep coming back to me ...

"time for another baby"

Pretend I didn't type that....

Anyway - took a happy snap of the first day at Kindy with no tears, bless this little chap, he even got me a flower, he gets it.. he knows I have loved every minute of him being with me the past 4 years, so I guess that makes it all completely worthwhile.  right?

At least I will be able to blog more than once a month with ALL my free time .. do parents actually have free time.. let me know if you do because I cant find any time to allocate as 'free'