Tuesday, April 13, 2010

eek, still being a bad blogger

I have been so bad, I know it.

In my defense... (in point form.lol)
I have been studying and LOVING it but man its hard to fit in study, children, husband,
housework, friends and blogging.

We are having our entire house rendered and roof resealed at the moment... this equals noise. lotsa noise.

Its school holidays, I love school holidays, we havent done much of anything just hung out and walks up to the waterfall... bliss.

Im pretty pleased with myself, I havent studied properly for years, a lot of years. Im doing Interior Architecture which is a fancy name for Interior Design... I cannot tell you how much I am loving it.
Whats even more exciting is that I got a distinction and a high distinction for my first 2 assignments..
so apparently Im not as dumb as I thought I was... loving it!!

So the pics today and ones I used in my first assignment.... just for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for being patient if your still our reading this blog.. school goes back next week and my husband goes away for 3 weeks so while Im missing that sweet man Ill have a lot of time to catch up..

Em xxoo

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