Monday, April 5, 2010

Gnome Love

Gnomes have long been a little thing I have loved.

When I was older than I would care to share, my sisters and I and a family friend would every night after school make 'food' for the garden gnomes my mother had dotted around our beautiful garden, I have no idea where on earth my mum found these gnomes, but they were not gaudy like some poor chaps are, they were beautifully painted, we had about 6, maybe 10?? some stood 40cm tall..
you wouldnt even know they were in our garden unless we showed you, they were hidden under bushes and in between blooming clivia.. thats what gnomes like, they dont like to be exposed....
anyway, we would make food for the gnomes, cutting up berries, lilypillys and leaves and plating them up with the up most care onto a piece of well chosen flat bark... we would do this for HOURS!! and we did it for YEARS!!
Easily amused maybe, but we had the most vivid imaginations, every day before school.. erm, yes I was that old... we would check to see if they had eaten the dinner we had left out for them the night before... and most of the time, god willing they had nibbled at the meals we had prepared......... (no, I am not a nut case, I just had a wonderful whimsical imagination)

Im not sure if the book of Gnomes came to my house as a result of my and my siblings obesssion with the guys in our garden, or if the book is what sparked our passion.. Im going to ask my mum this.. will report back.... but I have had this book in my house since I was 8 years old and I LOVE it, I remember taking the book to my Opa once and asking him if he thought they were real, and in his Dutch husky voice he said "Of course they are" - that was good enough for me!!!
I look at this book often, its always on one of our coffee tables or on a shelf, I have never put it out of reach, ever...(!!) when I was little the nudie gnomes use to make me giggle, now I love the gnome furniture and lifestyle... yes, there is a gnome lifestyle!!

My boys also love this book, we all giggle together and the tales and interesting gnomey facts inside its well worn pages.

Today we decided that we would make our reading corner into somewhat of a homage to all the gnomes.
I told my boys about my Gnome food making days and Archie LOVED the idea, Billy of course as most 12 year olds would thought I was certifiable and Oscar just kept laughing at the nudie gnomes bosoms.

We ordered some gnome fabric to make a cushion, and some prints for the corner from etsy.
Will sort out the gnome corner and get back with a picture.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter .... xxoo


  1. Love that fabric! That's not the Gnomes book by Martha Stewart's (ex)hubby is it? :)

  2. popsicle4/05/2010

    Ohhh, there is a Santa book just like your fave gnome one, it is a huge, fantastic, whimsical book! I think it is in our local library, I'll take another look and let you know.

  3. Ghasp! Oh that book!!! I used to read it religiously all the time as a little girl and re-draw all the gnomes. Oh how I loved it!!! Will have to dig it out for the kids. Fab book indeed ox