Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Smitten with Swedish

I think why I love Swedish Style so much, is that not only does it hold a lot of white (and yeah, I have a thing for white) but a few other key factors are how much natural light they love in their interiors.. there nothing better than natural light, its just so well,  natural and light..ha!

Another thing is that I think it works so well in Australia and with our lifestyle.
its simple, elegant but relaxed.

I know a lot of interiors over the past 10 years have become very cookie cutter and I hate to say it but sterile, its just not my cup of tea, while i can appricate the look, my kids with their vegemite on toast dont match it., I really never understood the inspiration of dark wood with a random apple in the middle of a large dish on a table, I prefer flowers simple or abundant, I dont like clutter, but I like cosy, I have to live in a fresh and clean look for me this style is perfect.
Swedish style interiors are becoming more and more popular. It’s a look that combines refined style with a casual appearance that seems to have universal appeal.

I wont go on (you know I could)... here are some pictures for you your veiwing pleasure.

face it, who dosent like it when the dog matches the sofa. perfection.


ps- my '52 weeks' post is coming tommorrow. almost a week late, gotta love my new years passion .. or not.

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