Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Catherine Martin Crush

Here is look inside the home of Australian production designer Catherine Martin and Baz Luhrman

Oh. My. God. It's Lavish, Amazing!!!! affordable to us mere mortals.. erm. no.
I can hear the cash registers cha-chinging from here, but I still die and go breifly to Interior Heaven (tell me there is such a place) when I see these pics, I had to share.

Catherines range of homewares including a wallpaper range for Porters Painters, and a range for Designer Rugs are so beautiful, she is such a talent.

Im not sure I would decorate my home like this, its sooo WOW, but they look incredible in her stunning home. So rich, in the deep yummy way. I also love the black gloss finish she has painted on the architraves and doors, fireplace etc... bold and so effective. Im not that brave, but Im happy to look at the pictures much more and draw whatever inspiration I can.

Eat that Florence Broadhurst.

I am saving my pennys for this rug. I love it so much for my bedroom. Would make a nice birthday present. Hint hint!


  1. Nice! I love her kids carnival wallpaper too. Just a leeetle bit pricey though!

  2. Oh God, Jess I know.
    I just called to make an enquiry about my Birthday present $5k... eeeeeek.

  3. Phwoar! That is exxy. Maybe a joint bday and Chrissy pressie?! LOL :)