Wednesday, January 13, 2010

52 weeks (week 1.7)

So, remember the bit where I said some of the weeks in my 52 week year could look as dull as dry toast, yeah, about that, thats where week 1.7 comes in. I had no camera more than half the time.
It was the week where we caught up with lovely friends..

I think a list would be good at this point, as that was probably the most interesting thing I have to report. so the start of 2010 offered...

No camera
A trip up the river (motel in thunder/lightening storm in NYE) we had a black out from 8pm-2am very cool actually.
Eating lots of bad, naughty 'sometimes' food - most of the time.
Children eating lots of 'kids meals' have mercy, I hate those things.
Darling husband home from work for a while = bliss + mess
I fed the children husband's chilli bowl instead of the non chilli one I made for them, somehow I had a processing problem in my brain (dont you hate those) and got the pots mixed up, children not happy.
Very hot weather, revolting. hot, hot, hot.
Still I made cupcakes.. delightful little orange cake ones.
Koala's get hot to, we had a poor old chappy sitting at the bottom of the tree up the road feeling very sorry for himself.
Took lots of Polaroid pictures, not that they turned out well, at all!
Chucked out my mother in laws present to the children (a jar of chubba chups) who gives kids that for a present?.. so even now I feel guilty, I had to send the to the soulo.
I try (but failed) to sprout seeds in my new sprout machine, I will try again this week, but a glass jar so far does a better job.
Had a good laugh when I found out my Nanna (who lives in QLD) who I never see, I think the last time was 3 and a bit years ago, anyway - she is in Adelaide for 2 weeks babysitting my Aunties DOG!!!.. any chance of seeing your Grandchilden or Great Gran-kids, about just for a coffee...?? nup.. Thanks for the random DNA.
Ate even more crap than the week before.. (next week will be better, Im back on the wagon baby)
Watched the Jonas Brothers movie about 3 times.... damn the hot weather.
Cleaned the house lots.
Walked lots... but as I said, ate even more.

 There are many, many more mundaine things I could add to this list and probably more pictures but I wont, I  hope next week brings more action and less of nothingness.


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