Friday, January 8, 2010

Dinner & flowers

 "The family dinner table represents the connection we have with each other. Each person sitting at the table isn't there by accident, but is a God-given gift and a specific fit for your family. If I had the opportunity to give every woman on the planet a gift, it would be a vase of flowers for the middle of their dinner tables to remind them that this is a sacred place where their families are not only fed but are nurtured and loved--where heartstrings are tied and relationships realigned..."
~Leanne Ely

I love this quote, I cements my love of being a home maker and mother, I love sitting at the table with my boys - just have to work out how to bottle the moments forever

I love the whole concept of the 'housewife' she is a kindred spirit to me

my 3 little chaps and I couldn't be happier, I look forward to each new day and feel so blessed that life has given me such sweetness.

Sure, its not rocket science, but I leave that stuff to the Rocket Scientists, and sometimes it is hard work, mentally and pyshically, but it sure warms to coils of my soul, so for now I'll bake, dust and be merry!



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