Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still waiting for my camera, a week without it when the boys are home is so hard.
Makes me realise how much I like to capture them.
I have been taking Polaroids, but they dont really do my little men justice.

This week I started to sprout my own seeds/beans/nuts to eat with our lunches. I went and got a nifty sprouting thing and it all seems quite simple, apart from the fact they aren't sprouting, so my dream of having sprouty mung bean in my lunch salad wrap has fallen by the way side while I work out what went wrong.

We are off for a walk now, there are a few Koala's around here at the moment that are loving the fact we are taking the up some ice cream containers full of ice and water, we have been refilling 2ce a day for one poor fellow, he is big and the heat has pooped him out so badly he is in the wrong type of tree, actually he is on the ground hugging the base of the wrong type of tree, very cute.
Oscar was brilliant (I thought) in getting him a nice big juicy gum branch and shoving it in his tree, it worked so well, he was munching away at his special leaves, fussy eater those bears.

Stay cool.

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