Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Sun .. it actually came out

This week brings the start of the school holidays, we went to the zoo.. I love the zoo.. but it gives me mixed feelings.. surely daddy lion needs more room!
Archie and I soaked up the sun with some dinosaurs on the back lawn.
I have been fasting now for 4 days.. which is making me lose weight but also making me a grouchy bum.. ask the kids...
Am I the only person in the world who hates balloons??? accept if there is a balloon launch, they are cool.
the minute my kids get them they fight... its a forgone conclusion that if they have a balloon it will end in tears, well I'm hungry and tears will just frankly irk

At the end of the week I get to cuddle my friends new baby.. a little bit excited about that.
haven't held a new little freshy for a while!

I also have a dear Friend who is about to start preparing for a trip to Bangladesh to build relationships with remote family's and put in place education systems, Im so excited for her, I will post links etc when I get them so you can follow her blog and journey! it will be amazing!

all I have to say is bring on summer, or even a kick ass spring and I will be happy :)


  1. Oh my, what are you fasting for? 4 days seems like ages?!

  2. hehe, Im actually doing 14 days, only allowed to drink lemon in water.. verrrry hard.
    only today I feel better.. trying to loose 10 unwanted kg's I cant shift it without being lost 3.5 already. woot woot.

  3. Holy cr@*p...14 days of no food? That totally freaks the heck out of me. Ohhh my goodness. Please don't faint or anything!! xx