Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bob and I

you may remember my post below about the family I have a 'major' crush on....
Well, I got a friend request on FB from Robert... Im sure this is because I fanned all hiw sites, not because he actually wanted to be my BFF or anything :)
Anyway -  I wrote him a note... just fo fun.. and because I can bee stalky at times.....hehe!

"Hi Robert, Just thought Id post a quick message, Love your book, have loved every image and page over and over again.

LOVE your family’s style! It’s so inspiring as a mother of 3 (yep only 3) and an Interior Design student, I hope to embrace design, business and life with children in the same way as you and Cortney do.... Also, have to tell you your children’s names are absolutely brilliant! As an Aussie, Love Breaker! Very cool indeed!
Do you know if your show is going to screen here in Australia. I certainly hope so.
Emily x :)"
he responded ......
"Thx Emily..we are not sure about Australia hope so.."
You are very. very welcome Bob .. very, very welcome...!
Yes, Im tragic...

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