Tuesday, March 2, 2010

friendly festivites

me and my girls feeling a bit warm

Me, Miss M and my Hubby.. we all look over it.. but were were not at all!!

me looking strangly like a gecko. eek.

some pics, because I cant find my camera cord.. agggghh!!! so I had to steal my mates pics of what I have been doing.
Birthdays and
Soundwaves - Faith No More were so good, I was blown away! I knew they would be good but I was just .. blown A W A Y!

Was nice to get my lovely husband out for the day, I normally fly solo to these sorts of things.
He had a good time with us girls.
My friends love my hubby, he is pretty good!! I like him to.
He makes friends with everyone he meets and then they love him.
It can be annoying. But mostly I like it.

If I ever ran a festival (hmmmm!! mayhe something for the bucket list!)
I would serve decent food (and lots of it!)
I would not make water $5 nor would I think of charging $10 for a Canadian Club or a Jim Beam.
I would always make sure that people didnt run out of loo paper by 2pm. (lucky I had my own supply)
But they certianly got good bands in and lets face it, its all about the music -
and THAT certianly did not disapoint!

cant wait till next year.

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