Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photo Love

Beautiful photos are one of the most wonderful things in the world, wouldnt you agree,
Someone who can capture the feeling of a particular moment in time,
is the lovely Kirsty Dollery from 'ruby d' her pics are AMAZING,
I just love the candid style of weddings and events, I also love a photographer who doesnt miss the small details, God is in those details you know!? The photos from make me smile.
That is always a good thing!!
So go on and have a peak at this talented girls website or check out her on Facebook, golly I love facebook and the way it connects people.

She has a great online portfolio, I had to share the pic of the Kombi.. because frankly my children and I have a serious obsession with one, my only diversion is that it would look that great rocking up to the private school in every morning.. call me vain.. I am really vain.. but I'd one for weekends.. a-la Jamie Oliver style...anyway I digress....

Go and check out this girls work.. you will be glad you did!

1 comment:

  1. I HAD to comment on this one! for years my dad used to drop us girls off to our private school in his extremely noisy bright yellow kombi. As teenagers we were soooo embarassed and would ask him to drop us off a block away. He has only just gotten rid of the kombi after nearly 30 years and of course we all want it back now! How your tastes change. I say get your kombi and let them all think what they like, so long as you love it who cares ;)