Thursday, February 4, 2010

Playroom Inspiration

Okay, so the playroom I need to have in our house, will double as a guest room. Sofa bed needs to be purchased. I think I want to get a white one with washable slip covers.. am I crazy??
Curtains, Im thinking of using a fabric I considered for Archie's room. But I think it will work better in the playroom......

I have these bird flash cards, that I want to use

Then I was going to make LOTS of cushions for pretty fabrics. some a bit girly.. I need a bit of that around here. And some BIG floor cushions... or maybe an ottoman. The room has robes down one side of it, great storage for all the toys. will leave those.
Then a reading corner with a book shelf and comfy chair, covered in matching fabrics..

I was also thinking of doing a string of bunting to liven it up.
And Etsy art has been purchased already.

I want it bright and cheery, eclectic and fun.

Also I have a wooden chest, so I think that can house more of the larger toys that dont fit in the robes.

And as for a TV, I will probably go ahead and put one it... truth is I have been out voted. I did tell M it didnt need to be an 85 inch one, just a small one, so hopefully he listened to that.

Will post before and after pictures once the project is finished.
So above are my inspiration pics for the room.
Its a bit mumbo jumbo in my head how this room will work, if it will work at all, its not a big room, but is has great natural light and is right in the centre of the home... where all kiddo's should be playing.

wish me luck.

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