Tuesday, February 9, 2010

52 weeks #4 (behind as predicted by moi)

Heres some of what we have been up to.

me back row second from right.... looking like Nana Mouskouri

Lily Allen .. as you can see.. so cute.

Chicken and chickpea bake... sooooo good, one of the boys favorites.

Jam session at brother in laws

lots of hot weather, leaves Archie and I playing with this treehouse, it is the coolest toy. ever.
I play with it by myself. often.

Ricotta and spinach canaloni..mmmmm

new child - Shelby - likes shoes already...oh dear.

I keep forgetting to take my camera, getting use to new school routines, and 3 special birthdays in 8 days has been tiring.

Big Day Out was awesome ... loved it... got a bit roasted and am now peeling... yuck!

And we finally got a new doggie, she is just divine, so sweet, a tad naughty and Im now getting up to her at night.... but she is has warmed our home up already with her waggy tail and squishy face.

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