Saturday, January 2, 2010

outside eating

I love eating outside, and making everything a pretty treat. The children love it to.
Im not one that is overly into flies (who is?) and there does seem to be a massive amount of them at the moment. or maybe they are just drawn to my filthy little boys?
But anyway - we have been setting up and eating outside a lot.
I want to take pictures to show you but I have left my camera at my dad's house which is at Goolwa.. he promises to get it back to me this week, agh.. other wise my week in pictures is going to have to be from the Polaroid... (maybe not a bad idea?)

Inside I don't really use tablecloths, mixed china, and kitschy salt and pepper shakers, but outside it is almost mandatory. Well I think so.

M goes back to work tomorrow, and I can finally clean my house, oh my god, its not pretty around here at the moment. But his home stay has been nice.... then we can do our back to school clean out, get organized for 2010.
Next week we will also be getting Billy's school books all sorted out, exciting.
and I have to buy all my art/school supplies as well.. I love this time of year just for that alone.

Anyway here are some really lovely outside places where people have taken in a bite or three of something delicious. Just to inspire.


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