Sunday, January 3, 2010


I like collecting, stuff. I wouldn't say Im a hoarder. I could get carried away with the diffrent collections.
I have a HUGE crystal vase collection, I collected over 120 of them for our wedding, now they are available to hire, but there's to many to have on display anywhere, so they are in plastic tubs, which is kinda sad.
The other 3 collections I have (apart from an odd sock one which is HUGE, huge I tell you!) on the go are a milk glass collection, I love this stuff, the hob knob gear is so cool. I think I must have over 50 bits of it now, ebay is my friend. Not that I buy it much anymore, no where to put it.
The next one is Eiffel Towers, dont ask why, I have no idea, I just like the look of the damn thing.
And finally the ever growing cook book collection, this combined with an unhealthy obsession of magazines.
I love love love cook books, everything from raw food books to comfort cooking and chocolate only recipe books - collections warm the soul.
what do you collect?


  1. I love the Eiffel Tower collection! I'm jealous.

    (I collect Snoopy things...*looks embarrassed*)

  2. A women after my own heart! I too collect anything Eiffel Tower related. And as for cookbooks, I love them. I look forward to reading more about your collections.