Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Crazy Life

I sometimes think we might be crazy...

{dont be fooled by those squishy cheeks}

Archie is VERY  loud..
He is 4 so I know tantrums come with this, he also has two parents who are both incredibly stubborn and I think the poor kid got a double whammy of that gene.

So the other night before bed he asked for a drink, just after I had sat down .. you know on the lounge to sing him Mama Cas - I'm not allowed to hum.. "I only want the words" are you getting the picture... control freak! for all his cuteness he has become a stubborn little bossy britches.. who for the most part does not get his way, unless I'm exhausted..
so, on this night.. I was exhausted, it was 9pm (normally the kids are in bed by 7:00) Archie wants a drink.. MV proceeds to get him one.. all hell breaks loose because "I don't want daddy to pour it, I want you to pour it" .. I said "no, you can have that one or nothing".. then the battle began.
We don't smack, we don't yell we talk calmly but firmly and then.. we I put him in the bedroom where he was screaming.. you have never heard anyobe so loud, I promise you this....
"the drink daddy gave me is making my dieeee" "I'm going to choke" "its chooookkkkiiinnnnnggg mmeeeee"
Drama city!
eventually.. erm, 40 mins later he calmed down and went to sleep in my arms.. looking so cute i might add.
then there's a knock at the door...
*insert bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do* .. one of our neighbours.. so kindly rang the cops.
of course the impact was lost on the fact the evil little boy had now flaked it..
MV told them what happened and they all had a chuckle.. not me, I was/am horrified.

Snapshot :: In the last 48 hours

we have had Archie turbo vomiting
a tantrum (no cops called this time)
an A for Billy on his science project
Prepping for a huge wedding next weekend. HUGE.
Oscar coming home with a yabby he caught in the creek on the way home.. that was actually dead.. yuck!
MV having to have major emergency dental ... this is not a rare thing
A blue tongue lizard being held by Oscar 2 metres away from me.. ahhhhhhh
Bob the cat bringing in so many crickets and playing with them.. just foul
2 assignments due to hand up tomorrow so homework is all over the table.
party invitations to rsvp
Billy has given up meat for lent... did he eat meat anyway?
Im doing a course at the moment with Holly from Decor8 and I will post about that at another time,
Life changing, is the only way to explain it.. but also draining in a good way, so much self assessment.. why me, why this wheelchair stuff.... LOVE it.. l.o.v.e.
then planning the details of our little Melbs holiday.. kid free!!

then little moments happening in these hours that I just want to freeze and never forget.
Oscar made Archie breakfast this morning and they sat eating it looking out the window chitty chatting or as Archie calls it 'Shitty Shatting'
Archie on the way home from kindy talks non stop, today he told me that the reason he sometimes gets sad at kindy is because "My brain keeps thinking I love my brothers"
Then the daily art in my life I love so much, I get drawn pictures at the moment I have a rocket blue tacked onto the top of my computer screen, ready to blast off at any moment.
I found Oscar at 11 o'clock at night YouTubeing the rare flight of some kind of bird.. he lives and breathes animals... it is amazing.
Billy is the sweetest older brother, constantly meeting Archie's demands, bringing him cool rocks home to add to there collection.
we sat and played Lego for almost 3 hours.. I love that stuff.. even if I can only make houses.
I have a drawing of Archie and I on a cloud on a rainbow.
Billy asking every 2.5 seconds if he can have a hair cut, the seconds in the middle he is asking about food.
Animal Planet is a permanent thing on the TV at the moment, and I'm fine with it.
I was told today that I was loved as much as every single leaf in the world.

Does it get any better... actually dont answer that..

its crazy. and I love it so much. my little nest.


  1. I enjoyed reading that post so very much. Miss you guys. xx

  2. They called the COPS?!!! OMG!!! That made me laugh.

    Em, you are so talented and have so much on your plate I don't even know how you had time to write this.

    I love the brothers comment, I hope when I have more kiddles they are just like that :)