Friday, November 12, 2010

warmy warm

Oh how I love this warm weather.. even if its raining.. its blissful..
I hate the cold... I do not get why people like cold weather.. to me they are crazy people. loco.

I saw this wedding via blog land today and had to post it.. gosh it took me to a happy place.
how great would this be for any sort of party.
If you have a party like this, please invite me.

bright streamers wedding reception

apple cart at wedding

I'm in full swing of prep for Archie's birthday party next weekend.

The other week I was talking to a friend about kids parties and we were saying how people make such a fuss, I think we blamed Martha... and how some folks go all 'mental' I'm pretty sure I used that word.. over things being 'styled' ...

now I know what your thinking ...
'pot calling the kettle black'

Im guilty as charged... but I tell you what, on the day its ALL about the birthday boy/girl/pet
As much as I have it in my head how its going to look, I don't agonises over any of it, its fun and I have loved watching all the crappy TV in the world the last week while making little things for this party.

The best thing about this party coming up is that with my two older boys if they were having a party they would tell me the theme/direction and not really input ideas, so I would be working away on details they loved on the day but really didn't give two hoots about.
Archie has been so different with this party, he has actually come up with some great ideas.. and has helped me with so much, its been the coolest.
next week we get to cook all week, because my mean husband told me he wouldn't cater for it... I swear Im not a diva, I like cooking and all, but heck, there ain't enough hours in the day really....

anyway - point of post -
Im a details person, I cant change that, its me.. but Im also aware its about fun..... I have been to parties where the sole purpose of the parents of the birthday child 'seemed' to be the details, you know where the kids cant actually even breath in case the bunting goes array..
its crazy.

I have told my husband if I ever get like that, to put me in a corner for serious time out.

full on week ahead.. love this stuff.....

more pics of this wedding over here

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  1. Welcome back One Nest! :) Em, you have a pretty good excuse to go all out on the details though - you are a stylist!!! :) I'm really glad to hear that Archie is contributing - that is the absolute cutest. Love the colour in the pics you posted too. xx