Wednesday, May 19, 2010

very. very. bad blogger

I know. I know..... my blogging mojo has gone ...
I wish I had an excuse, you know, like I ran away with the circus..but I do not.
Im just slack.

I am committing myself to at  least 2 posts per week.....
wish me luck.
I obviously need it.


  1. Good luck! Know you have a lot on your plate though!

  2. Belinda5/29/2010

    Please post more - you inspire and motivate me to take pleasure in 'home life', something that is too often taken for granted.

    P.S. It's because of you I spent $15 on a bloody tea towel with a bird embroidered on it!!
    But I love it.

  3. Where are you.... please come back, its been too long x

  4. Thanks so much ladies..
    I have missed my little blog aswell.

    Belinda, I bet its a pretty tea towel!