Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life Envy :)

Not often do I wish I had someone elses life... Im pretty happy, content with my lot. I love where my life has been and where its going.... most
But I have become obsessed (yes I use that word alot) with the Novogratz  family.

Not only are they as cool as you can get.

Bob and Cortney Novogratz are the ownners of Sixx Design..
They are both designers who live in NY with there family of 7 children S E V E N !! oh my, if that isnt enough the children have the most beautiful and coolest names I have ever heard...

As Bob says himself :::
1. Wolfgang (12) – named after Wolfgang Mozart (Novogratz is Austrian, as is Mozart)
2. Bellamy (11) – French name, meaning beautiful friend
3. Tallulah (11) – Cortney is from Georgia, very southern name, ie. Tallulah Bankhead
4. Breaker (9) – named after Harry Breaker Morant from the Australian movie Breaker Morant. He was a scholar, a poet, an opera singer, a soldier, and the best horseman in all of Australia (he broke all of the wild horses)
5. Five (4) - He was obviously our fifth child…
6. Holleder (4) – named after Don Holleder, an All American quarterback at West Point. He was killed in Vietnam in a very heroic act of saving his own men. He was loved by my Pops and all that new him. His guys nicknamed him Holly, and we did as well.
and newset additon
7. Major (4 months old)

I need another child, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Major in fact I need 7 more kids.. agh!

Anyway - I have their book 'Downtown Chic' and the pages are so divine,
soooo me! its like they styled this house for my family, I would live there in a nano-second and
not change a thing..
I have told my husband Im just going to copy there house, well try to on a less that billion dollar budget but I just love it, so many of their 'finds' are flea market, they use large scale art work which I love!!
Its so 'eclectic' and easy, it doesnt look over styled.. oh oh oh how I love it.

The family now have their own show (of course) Nine By Design .. on Bravo, no idea when it will make it to our screens, for now Im happy downloading.

The house is so cool in another way, in the design you will see random things for kids, like a swing or see saw.. of course with 7 kids this is a must but the way its done is nothing short of mindblowing.
Whats even better is they are constantly buying and renovating .. sounds familiar. love it!

I LOVE these pendant lights, Im getting some ... soon.

in this post, some pics of their NY home.... die and go to heaven.

Did I tell you I was obsessed.....

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  1. Anonymous8/26/2010

    im obsessed too, and i'm only 13.... but i MIGHT not b obsessed with the FAMILY, just the AWESOME designs and the eldest son...........