Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yellow Finds

Hasn't the weather been beautiful! so sunny. Makes me feel warm and think of all things yellow.
I know in my next house (yes - there will be one, Im sure) I want a yellow front door.
In my house now it would look odd. But I love them so much.

Whats not to love about yellow?

I have a friend who hates Orange, I love orange but I get its not for everyone, same with Green some people loath it, I get puzzled but people not liking a colour. I dont LOVE purple, but then I can see it used in the right way or on a pretty dress and admire how great a colour it is.
But, I have to ask  what sort of person could not love yellow, a sad person perhaps, a gloomy type, its one of those colours to me that no one could dislike.

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