Monday, February 15, 2010


sorry for the lack of posting, my boys have used the quota on our computer this month - so my computer is going soooo s l o w l y. Its painful.
I have lots of pics to put up, it was Oscar's 9th Birthday on Valentines Day, I got so spoilt :) as did he.
School life is keeping my boys busy, B is finding some struggles with his new environment even though he loves it. Archie is back to enjoying his days with me - Im trying to soak it all up before he starts Kindy in Nov. DH has been a no show so far this week, if you happen to go past the Entertainment Centre in Adelaide any time from now on, check out the 65m (yeah, HUGE!!!) LED screen, that is my husbands design and installation, he had in made in China and it arrived a fortnight ago, so he has been overseeing it going in and come to fruition, Im so happy for him.
So proud. Its pretty cool.

Will be back with my 52 week post tom.

Meanwhile - Im enjoying the best weather.. bliss!

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