Monday, January 18, 2010

Closet Crush

M. is talking of bashing down our old house and building on the site, the lure (that almost has me) is I would get a dressing room..... for. ever. I have wanted one of these, I am NOT a hoarder with anything, Im a real chucker, but clothes and shoes I cant part with, I have things I am never, ever going to wear again, Actually I might take a picture of the pink fluffy raver jacket I wore at 18 (then you will belive me, its never getting worn again) but I cant part with it, I have soooo many dresses, I love frocks and shoes, I think I own maybe 4 pairs of jeans and 2 other pairs of pants and the rest of my clothes are skirts and dresses.
Shoes, I stopped counting at over 100.. ( nost of them are in boxes in the shed) crazy. Anyway - the thought of all my beloved shoes and frocks having their own special room... makes me giddy...enough that I googled dreamy closets and dressing rooms .....eeek... but dont tell M. this.

Mariah Carey's shoes.... even more reason to dislike her.

Nikki Hilton's dressing room - Stylish.

Kimora Lee Simmons - I love her style, she is so cute.

Rachel Zoo - I feel let down by her closet - but I love her so much I will get over it,
Not so keen on the way it looks, but will have the contents in a heartbeat, Her style is right on my radar.
Love it!

Paris Hilton's dressing room.
Yes, Please, bring on the bulldozer.

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